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Sep 12, 2009
Crossdressing sex photos

Crossdressing sex photos

If you know that cross-dressing sites are super popular right now, but can't imagine why, then go take a look at JackOffLingerie because it's definitely one of the better ones, and it's pushing the boundaries, as are many of the other cross dresser sites.

The best sites in the niche appeal to gays, bisexuals and straights, and that's a real big audience, and they do it by showing a lot more than just gay-sex, which is a dime a dozen on the web.

The very best sites, and JackOffLingerie ranks right up there with the best of them, not only have hardcore up the ying-yang, but they also show the cross-dressers getting made and have good plot-lines too, which is something that helps you get into the mind of the cross dressers. If you want to that it is!

What's so weird about Jack Off Lingerie is that the cross-dressers on the site are not pretty and feminine, but are masculine and feminine, and many would say that they look a whole lot more fuckable than lots of pretty women.

The quality of the videos and images on the site is excellent, and everything is 100% exclusive and fully down-loadable.

The site already has more than enough content to keep even the most demanding letch happy, and updates are coming on a very regular basis - and you should too!

The tour is both excellent and honest, because it gives a really good idea of what members get, and the lingerie and pantyhose that the men wear is fantastic, and most women would die for it.

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Jul 24, 2009


GaySissies has a really wonderful collection of plotlines and fantasies, and they mostly revolve around the attraction that some men have to dressing up and being women.

The site will most will appeal to gays, and to those that love the cross-dressing niche, but many straights might enjoy it too.

The pretty young guys on the site love to dress up in their sister's, and possibly their mothers clothing, their stockings, and even their lingerie as well, but when the transformation is complete, they look like beautiful young women that every red blooded man would hunger for.

The reason that they dress up and act like women is not because of some simple yearning for fun, but is because they are women trapped in men's bodies.

These effeminate men don't just want to look like women, but they want to experience men's cocks, in their asses and mouths too.

The young men at GaySissies obviously enjoy being screwed, and it's said that if a butt is fucked properly, that the resulting orgasm is as strong or even stronger than that the one that a woman has, when her pussy is fucked.

The content on the site is hardcore, and you might want to keep the sound turned up when you watch some of the clips because there are some internal cum-shot scenes, and when a guy cums in an ass the sound is incredible.

GaySissies is updating regularly, so go take a look at the tour, and enjoy!

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Jul 24, 2009
Crossdress porn

crossdress porn

If the sound of great looking and very sexy looking guys in lingerie and beautiful women's clothes masturbating, giving head, getting it, and getting rear ended and fucking butt sounds nauseous, then you might get a big surprise if you check out JackOffLingerie because it's a whole lot different to any other site on the web right now.

JackOffLingerie is an extremely popular cross-dressing site with a big difference and if you've been to other cross-dressing sites then you'll immediately understand what's so different the moment you see it.

Every other cross dressing site that I've ever seen has lovely looking lads that look like lovely looking chicks, and after they've put on makeup, lingerie, pantyhose and dresses or tops and skirts, they still look like beautiful chicks.

What's so different, is that JackOffLingerie has handsome hunks that might be firemen, cops, construction workers and truck drivers wearing makeup, lingerie and clothes that many women would die for, and gays and bisexuals will find them far more attractive than women with great bodies.

So why might straights love the site?

Because it's not just about sex, but it's about fun too, and because it's so different it's interesting as well and those three things are a great combination!

The site is hardcore and the quality of the videos and pictures is about as good as it gets, and right now the site has tons of content and more is getting added regularly.

The tour is fun and sexy and very and very representative of what's on the site, so go take a look at it now.

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Jun 24, 2009
Crossdress sissy

Strapon Sissies

StraponSissies is unique and sexy and it has other sites in the strap-on niche worried and on the run, and for very good reasons.

Firstly, the site has very high quality, exclusive content of beautiful chicks in very hot lesbian action, that starts with tongue in mouth kissing, and after some very graphic pussy licking ends up with strap-on fucking.

And secondly, the beautiful women on the site really get off on humiliating pretty young guys, and they first have them kneel down and suck on their big strap-on dildos, and then fuck them in the ass with them.

Just imagine losing your anal virginity to a woman!

So what the site has, is hardcore strap-on action, hot lesbian action, cross-dressing, humiliation, first time anal fucking, sissy training and lots of more obscure stuff too.

The videos are XviD format, which is presently the best that there is, and the site is getting updated twice a week, so if you enjoy the niche then you should love StraponSissies, and probably need to go take a look at the tour right away.

All the content on the site is exclusive, and is fully downloadable, and the videos are available in 3-4 parts which is particularly helpful if you just want a part of the video, or if you're lacking bandwidth.

The best quality, young guys that get caught and punished for wearing women's clothes, lesbianism, male whores, humiliation, cross-dressing, no watermarks, no download restrictions and no DRM.

Who could ask for anything more?

Welcome to Strapon Sissies!